Thinking About Going Solar?

Save Thousands More*!

Thinking About Going Solar?

Save Thousands More*!

Click Your State to Get Started

Click Your State to Get Started

(Currently servicing California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida)

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  • Quote Customized to You

With Solarclick™, we build a custom quote specific to your home and your specific energy usage.

  • Save Thousands More*

When you decide to go solar with out having to be "sold", then it allows us to save the commission we would normally pass to a sales person and pass the savings on to you, *which could save you hundreds, possibly thousands more than a traditional solar installation.

  • Generate Your Own Power

  • Generate Your Own Power

Stop renting your power and start owning it. The cost of energy is on the rise and it's only going in one direction, up. Stem the rising tide by locking in your price now.

Stop renting your power and start owning it. The cost of energy is on the rise and it's only going in one direction, up. Stem the rising tide by locking in your price now.

Why SolarClick™?

Why SolarClick™?

Do you want a hassle free solar quote without having to go through the whole salse pitch?

SolarClick™ helps you quickly get a FREE CUSTOM SOLAR QUOTE, that you can use to save money on solar or use as a second oppinion to compare and contrast.

Should you have a question, we have energy consultants ready and waiting to help you with anything you need.

So what are you waiting for, get your FREE SolarClick™ solar quote today.

Get a Customized Solar Quote!

Get a professionally created Solar quote, complete with a 3D image of your home with Solar Panels!

Use your quote as an easy second oppinion to make sure you get the best deal.

You Got Questions, We've Got Answers

How Does SolarClick™ Work?

Peak behind the curtain in this quick explainer video

How do I SAVE MORE* with SolarClick™?

The problem we see in the industry is that there are too many hands in the cookie jar, we just removed a few sets of hands and passed the savings on to you. What's the catch, you ask? It's simple, YOU have to decide to go solar in order to re-coup the sales person's commission costs, no one is going to "talk you into it" or "hard sell" you.

How much can I save with SolarClick™?

To be honest, we don't know! The solar process is customized to you! When we send the proposal to you, you should see savings between 25-50%, that's why you're looking and why we are here to help. We use a very transparent process that leaves you in control. The result could be a savings of hundreds if not thousands over a conventional solar install.

What's the difference between SolarClick™ and every other solar company?

Overhead! That's it, we don't have over the top sales teams, we do not have offices in every city, we do not have marketing teams, what we do have is an installation partners that procures the product in bulk and uses all W2 employees to ensure quality. We simply provide the information and let you decide what is best for you.

What happens when I fill out the form?

This is where the magic happens. Just kidding, while you are filling out the form, the last step asks for a copy of your power bill. If you are able at that time to upload a copy, we can extrapolate your usage and refer your info to our design team, so they can start building your custom solar proposal (aka quote). If you are not able to upload it at that time, then someone may reach out to you to see if you can email it over. Bottom line, the copy of your power bill is imperative in order to give you an accurate quote.

Will a sales person call me?

No. But, a design technician might if they need more info or have a question about creating your custom proposal (see above).

What's the difference between SolarClick™ and your Preferred Installation Partner?

Think of SolarClick™ like the delivery driver and our Preferred Installation Partner as the restaurant. We are simply a means to help savvy homeowners go solar with less hassle, worry and frustration but with all the perks of a solid well established solar installation company. Honestly, we see it as a win-win-win.

Who takes care of me and my solar job, when I choose to go solar?

If you qualify and are ready to go solar, we refer you to our Preferred Installation Partner who already has the established 5-Star customer service team built-in, but we have an amazing solar concierge to help with any questions prior to that transition.

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